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Department of Chemistry

  • College of Natural Sciences

  • Established in 1990, the Department of Chemistry has a long and distinguished tradition. Many of its graduates are researchers at prominent industrial laboratories, and leaders in business and commerce in Korean and worldwide.

    The undergraduate program is to teach each student various kinds of basic chemistry through lectures and experiments. The graduate program is designed to provide the student with sufficient training in a specific field of chemistry to enable him or her to apply chemical knowledge to carry out independent and creative researches. The Department offers work for the degrees Master of Sciences and Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, in the fields of analytical, biochemical, inorganic, organic, or physical chemistry.

Contact Information
  • Department of Chemistry
    Kongju National University
    182 Singwan-dong, Gongju 314-701, Korea

  • Phone: +82-41-850-8490
  • FAX: +82-41-856-8613
  • E-mail:
  • Homepage: (in Korean)

Choi, Suk-Nam
Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, Electrochemistry
Lee, Ki-Hwan
Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Photochemistry
Moon, surk-sik
Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, Natural Product Chemistry
Kim, Jin-Kwon
Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry, Magnetic Material Chemistry
Rhee, Seog-Woo
Ph.D., Nano-bio Chemistry, Bio-mimetics, Neuroscience
Hong, In-Seok
Ph.D., Bio Organic chemistry
Kim, Sang-Ho
Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Nano-material Chemistry
Piao, Longhai
Ph.D., Polymer Chemistry
Park, Byung-Bin
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Electrochemistry
Park, Sanghyuk
Organic Electronics


Courses (Undergraduate)
Spring Semester
General Chemistry I(3 Credits)
General Chemistry Laboratory I(1 Credit)
Organic Chemistry Ⅰ(3 Credits)
Physical Chemistry Ⅰ(3 Credits)
Analytical Chemistry Laboratory(1 Credit)
Analytical Chemistry(3 Credits)
Inorganic Chemistry Ⅰ(3 Credits)
Physical Chemistry Laboratory(2 Credits)
General Biology(3 Credits)
Basic English for Chemistry(1 Credit)
Chemical Software(1 Credit)
Bio-Material Chemistry(3 Credits)
Organic Spectroscopy(3 Credits)
Polymer Chemistry(3 Credits)
Biochemistry Laboratory(2 Credits)
Biochemistry Ⅱ(3 Credits)
Nano-Material Chemistry(3 Credits)
Molecular Design and Synthesis(3 Credits)
Advanced Laboratory in Chemistry Ⅱ(2 Credits)
Fall Semester
General Chemistry Ⅱ(3 Credits)
General Chemistry Laboratory Ⅱ(1 Credit)
Organic Chemistry Laboratory(2 Credits)
Biochemistry Ⅰ(3 Credits)
General Physics(3 Credits)
Advanced English for Chemistry(1 Credit)
Organic Chemistry Ⅱ(3 Credits)
Physical Chemistry Ⅱ(3 Credits)
Instrumental Analysis(3 Credits)
Instrumental Analysis Laboratory(1 Credit)
Quantum Chemistry(3 Credits)
Inorganic Chemistry Ⅱ(3 Credits)
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory(2 Credits)
Advanced Laboratory in Chemistry Ⅰ(2 Credits)
Industrial material chemistry(3 Credits)
Organometallic Chemistry(3 Credits)
Special Topics in Organic Chemistry(3 Credits)
Special Topics in Physical Chemistry(3 Credits)
Field Practice(1 Credit)
Thesis Research(1 Credit)
Courses (Graduate)
Department of Chemistry