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KNU operates the central library at Gongju Campus, and two branch libraries at Yesan Campus and Cheonan Campus. The libraries have supported the research and education of the faculty and the learning activities of students for more than 60 years. The libraries have long been open to local residents, a policy that has supported the development of local communities and the growth of KNU into a renowned university in the central region of the country. The libraries are now playing central roles as comprehensive academic information centers for the university. The libraries have provided information in a timely manner by launching KOMAS in February 1996. The libraries have also been actively introducing IT, including digital contents, electronic journals and online databases, to keep up with the trends in the era of information. The libraries have evolved into digital libraries by introducing a web-based advanced academic information system and converting collected contents into digital versions.

A. Library Operating Hours

A. Library Operating Hours
Library Room Operating Hours
Central Library Archive 09:00~18:00
Reading Room 1, 2 and 4 Weekdays 06:00~23:00
*Examination Period 05:00~24:00
Reading Room 3 24 hours
Archive Archive During Semesters 09:00~21:00
During Vacations 09:00~18:00
Library of Industrial Sciences College Archive 09:00~18:00
Reading Room 06:00~23:00

Library of Engineering College

Archive 09:00~18:00
Reading Room 06:00~23:00
Archives: closed on Saturdays and holidays
Reading Rooms: open 365 days/year
*Examination Period: Open 24 hours a day for two weeks beginning one week before the examinations

B. Number of Books Available for Borrowing, and Period of Lending

Number of Books Available for Borrowing, and Period of Lending
Number of Books Period Notes
Undergraduate Students


10 days

1. Library loans may be extended once.
2. The borrowing of other books is limited to a period equivalent to the days of delays
(Limited period of lending = days of delays × number of books delayed)
3. Borrowers must present their own ID cards (borrowing books with another student’s ID card is prohibited)

Graduate Students 10 30 days
Staff and Assistants Instructors 20 30 days
Professors 30 90 days

C. Library Facilities

Central Library (Gongju Campus)

Central Library (Gongju Campus)
6F Reading Room 3 and Reading Room 4/ Study Room Reading Room / Study Room
5F Reading Room 1 and Reading Room 2 Reading Room
4F Information Service Center Domestic and foreign periodicals/ thesis/ electronic journals/ Web DB / lecture support services / inter-library loan services and copy services
3F Electronic Information Center / Data Service Center VOD/ DVD/ e-learning/ e-books/ audio contents/ support for library affairs/ book repairs/ organization of books
2F IT Support Center IT management of the library
1F Classics and Individual Collections Room / Book Cafe Ancient and rare books / Individual collections/ Book cafe and lounge
B1 Storage Storage
Tel. (041)850-8699

Archive (Gongju Campus)

Archive (Gongju Campus)
4F Classics and Individual Collections Room
3F Philosophy / Religion/ Arts/ History/ Foreign Books / Textbooks/ Children’s Books
2F General / Language Studies / Natural Sciences/ Technology and Science / Literature
1F Lending Center / Social Sciences
Tel. (041)850-8708

Library of Industrial Sciences (Yesan Campus)

Archive (Gongju Campus)
4F Reading Room/ Data Service Center Reading Room 1, 2 and 3 / Support for library services
3F Lending Center Reading and borrowing of books
2F Reference Data Center / Multimedia Center Reference/ periodical / thesis/ multimedia contents
Tel. (041)330-1075

Library of Engineering (Cheonan Campus)

Library of Engineering (Cheonan Campus)
3F Reference Data Center Reference/ periodical/ thesis /multimedia contents
2F Lending Center Reading and borrowing of books
1F Reading Rooms Free Reading Rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4
Tel. (041)550-9062