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Human Resources Development Center
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Human Resources Development Center

The Human Resources Development Center is a service organization that helps students to develop an understanding of their potential careers, provides guidelines for career development, and supports job seekers post-graduation. The Center provides counseling services for career development and job seeking through the Job Cafe, and operates diverse programs, including aptitude tests for new students, job camp, a KNUE CARE program, coaching programs, overseas internships, and field placements with businesses.

Human Resource Development Center (in Korean)
Career Development and Guidance Programs

  •  CAP and CDP (Group career counseling programs)
  •  Work experience programs
  •  Introduction of a permanent career guidance system
  •  Publication of guidebooks for career development
  •  Surveys for existing students
  •  Surveys for new students

Job Search Support Programs

  •  Extended operation of strategic courses for job seeking
  •  Operation of job camps
  •  Joint hosting of job fairs
  •  Special job seeking lectures by departments (including job briefings)
  •  Interview clinics
  •  Publication of guidebooks for job seekers
  •  Job Festival
  •  Operation of job seekers' clubs
  •  Operation of KNUE CARE program
  •  Operation of video lectures for public officers' examination
  •  Coaching program for skills development for job seekers by department

Infrastructure Development Programs

  •  Operation of Job Cafe and Job Section
  •  Establishment and operation of Comprehensive Employment Information Services

Joint Programs with Employment Support Center

  •  Registration of job seekers due to graduate, aptitude tests for career development and operation of the Job School