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Health Services

Infirmaries are located at the Singwan Campus, Yesan Campus and Cheonan Campus. The infirmaries aim to prevent diseases, to maintain and promote health, and to improve the efficiency of college education by providing health management services for students and faculty, healthcare education, hygiene management and healthcare counseling.

A. Service Information

1) Basic medication, injury treatment and emergency care are included in the primary healthcare services
2) Programs - obesity programs: Students with excessive BMI, abdominal fat and body fat are recommended to exercise and go on a diet for eight to 12 weeks, in order to improve and maintain their health by changing their lifestyle.
Programs for smokers: Students who smoke are recommended to take medication as part of a 12-week stop-smoking program, based on an analysis of their smoking history, nicotine and carbon monoxide intake, in order to help prevent diverse diseases and improve their health.

B. Contact Information

1) Singwan Campus

Location: 2F of Post Office Building, Tel: +82-41-850-8754, 8830, 8832, Fax: +82-41-850-8748, e-Mail:,

2) Yesan Campus

Location: Infirmary, #210, 2F of Student Center, Tel: +82-41-330-1688, e-Mail:

3) Cheonan Campus

Location: Infirmary, #103, 1F of Student Center, Tel: +82-41-521-9026, e-Mail: