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Exchange Students
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Exchange Students

Through the Student Exchange Programs and Study Abroad Programs, students have an opportunity to study at partner universities, for one semester or for one year, where they can acquire knowledge in their area of study and enjoy diverse cultural experiences. Programs are operated jointly with universities that have entered into agreements for academic exchanges with KNU, including universities in the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, China, Japan, the Philippines, Turkey and Russia.

Application Period
Fall Semester: May 31
Spring Semester: November 30

Application Procedure
Applications shall be made via OIA at the relevant home university.

Required documents

  • 1. Application Form for Admission to Kongju National University as an Exchange Student (use attached form)
  • 2. Certificate of Enrollment
  • 3. Official Transcript
  • 4. Letter of Recommendation from the President of the Home University
  • 5. Resume of Applicant (use attached form)
  • 6. Photocopy of Passport
  • 7. Certificate of Health

Additional Documents Required for Chinese Exchange Students

  • 1. Resume (Immigration Form)
  • 2. Copy of resident registration of students and their parents
  • 3. Copy of family register of students and their parents
  • 4. Certificate of Bank Balance
  • 5. Certificate of Family Relationship (the Certificate shall include students and parents)
  • 6. Two photos (3*4cm)