Course Enrollment
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1. Course Registration

- Credits by Semester
  • Credits by Semester
    College Minimum Credits Standard Credits per Semester Maximum Credits per Semester
    - Students with a GPA of 3.0 (B) or higher in the previous semester
    - Students whose credits exceed the limit
    - Students who have applied for early graduation, and whose GPA in the previous semester is 4.0 (A0) or higher

    - College of Education
    - Department of Nursing

    10 20 23 26

    - College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    - College of Natural Sciences
    - College of Engineering
    - College of Industrial Sciences
    - College of Visual Image and Health Sciences

    10 18 21 24

  • ※ Students must enroll in courses amounting to at least 10 credits. Students who have enrolled for seven or more semesters may enroll in courses amounting to at least three credits.

  • A. Period of Enrollment: A fixed date, which is one month before the beginning of the semester

  • B. Enrollment Procedure: Students may enroll in courses after logging in to the "Information System" of the KNU website. They may seek the help from buddy system if necessary. Students may review the courses listed on the "Information System", and enroll in the courses they wish to take.
  • ※ Notes
    ① Students of specially indicated departments may enroll in required general educational courses and teaching certificate courses.
    ② If a student takes two courses with similar contents, even when the course numbers are different from each other, only the credits of one course will be acknowledged.
    ③ Students shall not apply for lectures given at the same time. If a student enrolls in two courses that take place at the same time, and completes both courses, the credit will not be given.
    ④ Students who do not enroll in courses during the enrollment period and students who are absent from all of their enrolled courses may be removed from the school registerl.
    ⑤ Grades earned in a course that was not enrolled will not be acknowledged, and a grade of “F” will be given if a student drops a course without permission.
    ⑥ If a course has a set quota, only a fixed number of students may enroll.
    ⑦ A student may have a disadvantage if a class is divided into smaller classes and the student enroll in a course using the wrong course number.
    ⑧ Confirmation and change of enrolled courses must be done during the designated period.

  • C. Change of Courses
  • Students may change the courses for which they are enrolled one week after the semester begins.
  • ※ For further information: Contact the Department of Educational Affairs(+82-41-850-8027 ~ 8)

  • 2. Enrollmnet for OCU Courses

  • A. Period of Enrollment: Students shall enroll in OCU courses during the period of enrollment, which is the same period as that of KNU.

  • B. Enrollment of Courses: Students shall enroll in courses amounting to a maximum of nine credits per semester, and shall not enroll in courses with more credits than the limit (three credits per course). Change and Dropping of Courses: Students may change or drop OCU courses during the period in which they can change courses at KNU.

  • C. Payment of Tuition If KNU students take OCU courses, they shall pay a fixed amount of tuition to OCU. Students shall make payments through an e-payment system using a credit card or through remittance at the OCU website.
    ※ For further information: Contact the Department of Educational Affairs(+82-41-850-8027 ~ 8)