President's Welcome

President's Welcome
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Welcome to Kongju National University website!

Kongju National University was originally established as a Provincial Teachers College in 1948, but quickly grew after it was designated as a university in 1991. The University now consists of three specialized campuses in Gongju, Yesan and Cheonan, which together are referred to as KNU Tri-Campus, and it has six colleges and a graduate school, and six professional schools, comprising more than 22,000 students in total.

The celebrated cultural assets of the Baekje Kingdom, the University's favorable location adjacent to the administrative city of Sejong and Daedeok Science Town, and KNU's entry to the Seoul Metropolitan area via our successful integration with Cheonan National Technical College, indicate that it is time for us to embrace a new opportunity to become one of Korea's major universities.

To achieve this, we will continue to strive to produce well-rounded graduates who are competitive and intelligent, on the basis of a strong educational environment and our excellent faculty, in order to contribute to human prosperity.

Thank you.