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Administrative Headquarters

Office of the President

President Sungsoo Won (Tel: +82-41-850-8001, Fax: +82-41-850-8800,

Office of Academic Affairs

Vice President Yongdu Jun (Tel: +82-41-850-8005 )
Associate Vice President Yuongjun Kim (Tel: +82-41-850-8013)

The Office of Academic Affairs is comprised of the Department of Academic Affairs and the Department of Educational Affairs.

Department of Academic Affairs (Tel: +82-41-850-8020, Fax: +82-41-850-8019,

The Department of Academic Affairs is responsible for:

  • - Opening and closing of undergraduate/graduate departments and courses
  • - Students/faculty quota
  • - Managing faculty members
  • - Managing curricula

Department of Educational Affairs (Tel: +82-41-850-8021, Fax: +82-41-856-5735,

The Department of Educational Affairs is responsible for:

  • - Course enrollment
  • - Transcripts and certificates
  • - Academic records and verifications
  • - Lecture assessment
  • - Classes and grades

Office of Student Affairs

Vice President Daroh Lim l(Tel: +82-41-850-8006)
Associate Vice President Juhyun Ryu( Tel: +82-41-850-8007)

Department of Student Affairs (Tel: +82-41-850-8048, Fax: +82-41-850-8038, bon201@kongju,

The Department of Student Affairs is responsible for:

  • - Supporting student activities and the student council
  • - Supporting student sports events
  • - Student scholarship and grant programs
  • - Overall welfare affairs
  • - Special support for students with disabilities

Office of Planning

Vice President Youngmee Kim (Tel: +82-41-850-8008 )
Associate Vice President Changho Hyun (Tel: +82-41-850-8012)

Department of Planning (Tel: +82-41-850-8061, 8062, 8063, Fax: +82-41-850-8067,

The Department of Planning is responsible for:

  • - Planning for university development and academic administration
  • - Compiling and maintaining various statistical data
  • - Managing university assessment
  • - Opening and closing of administration units
  • - Managing the Planning Committee

Bureau of General Administration

Director Generalkang, Geon-gi (Tel: +82-41-850-8009)

The Bureau of General Administration is comprised of three departments; General Affairs, Budget and Finance and Facilities Management.

Department of General Affairs (Tel: +82-41-850-8070, Fax: +82-41-853-3157,

The Department of General Affairs is responsible for:

  • - Official document management
  • - University rules and regulations
  • - Human resources management and training
  • - Landscape management

Department of Budget and Finance (Tel: +82-41-850-8090, Fax: +82-41-850-8099,

The Department of Budget and Finance is responsible for:

  • - Planning and operating budget
  • - Management of university property and assets
  • - Execution and settlement of revenue and expenditure
  • - Purchase and contract

Department of Facilities Management (Tel: +82-41-850-8100, Fax: +82-41-850-8126,

The Department of Facilities Management is responsible for:

  • - Facilities maintenance management
  • - Services administration of HVAC and plumbing, electrical equipment and telephones
  • - Construction supervision and Inspection

Office of Industry-University Cooperation

Vice President Kyungho Lim (Tel: +82-41-850-0500)
Associate Vice President Songja Kim (Tel: +82-41-850-0513)

Department of Industry-University Cooperation (Tel: +82-41-850-0505, Fax: +82-41-850-0501,

The Department of Industry-University Cooperation is responsible for:

  • - Contracting and management of industrial-academic cooperation
  • - Support for research
  • - Technology transfer and patent management
  • - Support for business incubation
  • - Management of research budgets

Office of International Affairs and Public Relations

Vice President Wangsik Kim (Tel: +82-41-850-0080)
Associate Vice President Sungmin Kim (Tel: +82-41-850-0086)

The Office of International Affairs and Public Relations is comprised of the Department of International Affairs and Public Relations and the Globalization Planning Team.

Department of International Affairs and Public Relations (Tel: +82-41-850-0082, Fax: +82-41-850-8058,

The Department of International Affairs and Public Relations is responsible for:

  • - Writing and distributing the press release
  • - Managing the University Development Foundation
  • - Academic agreements with overseas institutions
  • - International exchange programs for students and scholars
  • - Providing support for International students

Office of Admissions

Vice President Kwangho Lee (Tel:+82-41-850-8010)

The Office of Admissions is responsible for the following affairs.

  • - Developing admissions policies
  • - Improving the admissions system
  • - Administering the admissions process
  • - Selecting students
  • - Providing consultation on admissions and performing PR activities
  • - Conducting an admissions information sessions online through its homepage, and offline by visiting high schools.